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Hi, I’m Denise, the maker behind Beachcomber Creations.

I’ve always loved beachcombing for shells every summer and now that I live by the beach full time I am fulfilling a dream to do something creative with the treasures I find lying in the sand. Each shell is collected by me and is then hand decorated in my home in Duxbury, MA. Each item is one-of-a-kind based on size and shape of the shells used, no two are exactly the same making them a fun keepsake for your home or a perfect small gift or party favor. Wreaths also vary based on the size and shapes of shells used.

I’m introducing items I’m currently working on and will be adding more items soon. If you have a specific pattern you would like to see, please let me know. I’m always beachcombing for ideas!

Trinket Dishes

Dozens of unique Trinket Dishes to choose from!

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Oystershell Blessing Beads

Six different colors to choose from!

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Oystershell Garland

Five unique colors to choose from!

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Wall Plaques

View our beautiful Oyster Shell Wall Plaques.

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Oystershell Bottle Beads

View our beautiful Oystershell Bottle Beads.

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